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By millyjshoes, Sep 5 2015 03:40PM

Milly J Shoes is proud to say that it made the 50th edition of the seriously cool and alternative, Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics Magazine which is sold across 18 countries!

Covering a full, three page feature spread, including other Milly J bits and bobs, Milly J Shoes is in good company with some truly talented artists. From sculptors to tattoo artists and burlesque artists, this editorial has put Milly J Shoes' work in a great light! Eeven receiving a favourite tweet on the fan page from Silicon Valley's, Dave McClure!

Unfortunately my images do not do this very glossy and great quality magazine justice.

Please click the images in the right column for larger, readable versions.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

Milly J x

By millyjshoes, Sep 5 2015 03:29PM

So pleased to announce that her efforts have once again been noticed by Theo Paphitis. Two years ago, Milly J Shoes won its first business award from the man himself. That was indeed a grand moment and Milly J became one of Theo's, SBS Award Winners. SBS awards small business owners and is a great platform for businesses to gain the support from the famous ex, Dragon's Den Dragon and business tycoon. This time, Milly was alerted that Theo has now chosen her as this month's, Business of the Month. This is great, as it means Milly J Shoes is still on the tycoon's radar! Thank you to Mr. P!

Best wishes

Milly J

By millyjshoes, Sep 5 2015 03:20PM

If you missed my BBC interview last week, you can catch it now on iplayer. Said to be entertaining, funny and sensitive in places. Please copy and paste link into your browser. Enjoy

By millyjshoes, Sep 5 2015 03:14PM


Sunday saw top members of the footwear industry gather for the yearly, prestigious, Footwear Industry Awards. The likes of Nike, Skechers, Clarks and many others joined for a banquet filled evening of coveted awards and milestones marked.

My husband and I sat on the table with some of the organisers and it was an enjoyable affair.

Some of the awards included, Footwear Brand of the Year, Independent Retailer of the Year, Personality of the Year and Men's Footwear Brand of the Year. With all the awards going to big, well known and loved footwear brands. So the thought of receiving an award seemed certainly out of my league!

Somewhere amongst the glitz of the night, the Footwear Designer of the Year came up. I was up against well established footwear brand designers. A one woman business was not going to win this award. Though somehow... my name was announced. "And the winner of the Footwear Designer of the Year Award goes to Milly J of Milly J Shoes"!

Well, firstly was, there must be a mistake and then secondly was, how am I going to walk the aisle to the stage in these killer heels?!

So my wonderful Milly J supporters, there is a place for Striking Unconventionality and I thank the industry for crowning me their winner.

My New Baby!
My New Baby!
The exciting tickets!
The exciting tickets!
Posing With My Award Grinning From Ear to Ear!
Posing With My Award Grinning From Ear to Ear!
The Night's Winners
The Night's Winners
Gearing Up For The Night
Gearing Up For The Night
A Sumptious Affair
A Sumptious Affair

By millyjshoes, Sep 5 2015 02:45PM

Did you manage to catch Milly J strut her stuff on prime time show, Four Rooms? Milly J made a great impact when all four dealers had great praise about her shoes. So much so that Milly even managed to bag dealer, Celia Swayer as an investor! Great times are ahead and Milly has much to look forward to with Celia on board!

By millyjshoes, Sep 5 2015 02:41PM

Exciting times, as the new arm of Milly J Shoes has now launched, Shoebrands of Milly J !

Your brand is what makes you, you. It's the first impression that your clients have of you. You may be small or you may be large, but either way, your branding is imperative.

We all know that marketing and advertising can be costly and most of the time, the tools used to get your name across are usually the same, bland, boring posters or fliers.

BUT what happens when your branding is on a shoe? On the move, there where you are and linked to the most important part of your business - you?

We all know that to make a big impact, you need people to know who you are. On the tube, they see your brand, in the queue, your branding is talking. Shoebrands allows you to show your brand to the world!

By millyjshoes, Sep 5 2015 02:35PM

Milly J Shoes has not been going very long at all and in fact was probably the newest brand in the room. This was the first time Milly J Shoes has been up for Footwear Designer of the Year and somehow, it managed to bag, The Highly Commended Award at the Footwear Industry Awards for Footwear Designer of the Year! What's next year...?

By millyjshoes, Sep 5 2015 02:31PM

A few weeks ago, Milly J was invited by a top secret person to film on a tv programme with her shoes. It's very secret squirrel at the moment. Though Milly J woos the people involved and even bags something extra! Find out what soon...

By millyjshoes, Sep 5 2015 02:26PM

The Bbbc were so generous in commissioning a very speacial, Artto Wear pair of shoes for none other than pop princess, Kylie Minogue. After perfroming on Milly J's blind audutuion, she handed over an exceptionally yummy pair of, Chocolate shoes. No, not to eat, but actually to wear and not made of real chocolate of course! Kylie gave Milly J a hug and was thrilled with her new footwear!

Milly J also made a statement with her very own, fruity pair of Art to Wear Shoes!

By millyjshoes, Sep 5 2015 02:22PM

Milly J made it through several auditions to get a chance to audition in front of a panel of scarey chairs! Without giving too much away, hook into BBC1 at 800pm GMT on the 1st Feb 2014 to watch what happens. Of course Milly J was sporting her own shoes. Oh .... and there's a huge surprise too! Exciting...

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