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Shoebrands Launched!

By millyjshoes, Sep 5 2015 02:41PM

Exciting times, as the new arm of Milly J Shoes has now launched, Shoebrands of Milly J !

Your brand is what makes you, you. It's the first impression that your clients have of you. You may be small or you may be large, but either way, your branding is imperative.

We all know that marketing and advertising can be costly and most of the time, the tools used to get your name across are usually the same, bland, boring posters or fliers.

BUT what happens when your branding is on a shoe? On the move, there where you are and linked to the most important part of your business - you?

We all know that to make a big impact, you need people to know who you are. On the tube, they see your brand, in the queue, your branding is talking. Shoebrands allows you to show your brand to the world!

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